About Visiting Chennai & Surroundings

As the capital of Tamil Nadu in South India, Chennai is a happening city. It might be dubbed as the “Detroit of India” for its large industrial and commercial centre, but it’s still the vibrant cosmopolitan and cultural hub of Tamil Nadu. No trip to South India is complete without visiting Chennai once, so we want to help you find out more about Chennai before you come.

fact about Chennai - Marina Beach is one of the longest in the world

Gateway to the South

Chennai’s position makes it the ideal gateway to South India. However, combining the welcome hospitality of the locals with interesting places to visit in Chennai like the kilometres of beach, historic temples dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries and colonial architecture, Chennai has become the most visited city in South India.

Chennai Central Station - the starting point for most visiting Chennai

A Melting Pot of Modernity and Tradition

The city itself is relatively new. While sections of the city date back for centuries, you’ll find it actually began life as a cluster of villages that merged together as the city expanded. However Chennai itself is steeped centuries of Tamil tradition and culture, making it the hub of South Indian cultural and religious traditions.

A city that manages to be both modern and conservative, as well as being both old and new, at the same time, those visiting Chennai will find that it’s is a unique city that continues to flourish. Chennai thrives not only in industries like technology and manufacturing, but also in culture, entertainment, the arts, and is also a city that’s borders on adventurous and spiritual pursuits.

Ask Us About Visiting Chennai

While most use Chennai as a travel base, there are also many people who flock to the city  for yoga and meditation or for crazier persuits, like racing off in a rickshaw.

For more information about visiting Chennai and interesting facts about Chennai, then feel free to ask us for more information at Elements Hostel or have a look through our mini-guide to Chennai. We can help you to plan your visit to help you decide what to see in Chennai before you arrive.

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