Rooftop Terrace

For a breezy afternoon or a warm night, our rooftop terrace makes for a great place to hang out and chill with your travelling companions. We offer our roof top terrace for rental if anyone is interested in hosting an event, but during the day we also offer a lunch service, if requested. The rooftop terrace canteen comes complete with a kitchen, so we can cook a fresh, traditional South Indian thali to order. Just ask us if you would like to eat at Elements Hostel.

  • Breakfast: 50 Rs (included for bookings via our website)
  • Lunch: 75 Rs
  • Dinner: 50 Rs
elements hostel guesthouse chennai gallery rooftop terrace
Rooftop terrace - available for your events!

Rooftop Terrace Canteen: The Food

If you would like to have lunch at the Elements Hostel, simply let us know and we can prepare a traditional South Indian thali.

So what’s is a thali and what’s in it?

A thali is a complete meal made up of rice, some kind of bread or papad, and a small selection of curries, which range from dry to soupy. You’ll often be served curd (plain yogurt) and a sweet. Often thalis come with some kind of chutney as well.

Traditional dishes served in a thali include sambar (a soup-like dish made with lentils), rasam (a soup made with tamarind as a base), potato fry and maybe a salad like carrot kosumari, made with grated carrot, coconut, lime juice and tadka. These will vary on a day to day basis, but we make all our thalis fresh to order on our rooftop terrace canteen!

Rooftop Terrace Canteen: A Social Space

If you just want to chill out a bit, you can come up to the terrace to do a spot of reading or get some fresh air. We have working Wi-Fi on the terrace, benches, lights and fans. The rooftop terrace canteen is also available to rent if you’re interested in hosting a function here. Please contact Elements Hostel for more information.

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