Car and Rickshaw Rental in Chennai

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If you want to explore Chennai and its surroundings on your own terms, then check out our services offered for car and rickshaw rental in Chennai in collaboration with our partners at Chennai Garage. They offer a range of Indian vehicles that are perfect for exploring the local roads, whether you get lost in Chennai’s backstreets or choose to venture out into the surrounding areas that make the best day trips from Chennai.

Be Local: Try Our Car & Rickshaw Rental in Chennai

Whether you want to rent your own tuk tuk in Chennai or drive an Ambassador, we can help you out to find the right vehicle for you and if you need any customization like a wacky paint job then our lads at Chennai Garage can most certainly help you out. If you’re feeling a little scared to just hit the Indian roads, then you can even get a spot of training to help you feel more confident on the open road with your car and rickshaw rental!

elements hostel guesthouse chennai car and rickshaw rental

Car & Rickshaw Rental in Chennai: Choose Your Vehicle

Forget the usual western cars you can rent at Avis and the likes, when in India you’ll want to do as the Indians do! If you want to feel like a big cheese, then the Ambassador car is the one you’ll want ride in. The authentic Indian car inspired by the Morris Oxford ceased production in 2014, but our friends at Chennai Garage have a nice selection of Ambys ready for you.

But if you want to really go native, then why not pick the iconic autorickshaw? You cannot go anywhere in India without seeing one of these three-wheeled bad boys, and it’s really the best way to experience India. So for all your car and rickshaw rentals, let us help you have the best motoring experience in Chennai.

If you are interested in renting a car in Chennai then drop us a line and we’ll see what we and our friends in Chennai Garage can do!

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